What is MppDB?


MppDB is a mouse protein-protein interaction (PPI) database. It provides a referent set of mouse PPI data that was collected from five PPI databases: DIP, BIND, MIPS, MINT and IntAct. In addition, two predicted PPI datasets were included, NB-network and SVM-network. The predicted PPIs were extracted from the literatures, and we then employed a naïve Bayes model for filtering out protein pairs by integrating various types of genomic and proteomic data, including evolutionarily conserved protein interactions, underlying domain-domain interactions, gene co-expression patterns, protein functional similarity and genomic context. The resulting PPI network was named NB-network. A learning algorithm - Support Vector Machine (SVM) was further used to choose protein pairs with directly physical associations.Therefore, SVM-network is a sub-network of NB-network.


How to use MppDB?


You can query the PPIs involving your interesting proteins in the three PPI datasets by entering the UniProtKB accessions or NCBI Entrez Gene IDs. The protein interaction network centered on your interesting protein can be visualized online.


Notice: To visualize the protein interaction network, you must install the SVG Viewer, a plugin for viewing graphic online with the SVG format. The SVG Viewer is free from the Adobe at http://www.adobe.com/svg.




  Protein Interaction
The Reference Set 3414 5176
NB-network 5299 10763
SVM-network 5245 10498


Download the PPI datasets as tab-delimited text files:

The reference set;NB-network;SVM-network


Reference: Xiao Li, Jiabao Xu, Haoyang Cai, Yizheng Zhang. A mouse protein interactome through combined literature mining with mutliple sources of interaction evidence. (Under review)